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OpenBroker is a powerful Real Estate CRM and MLS network, serving as a b2b marketplace for Real Estate agents, allowing you to share your property portfolio with other brokers in your area. Additionally, OpenBroker can be integrated with your website, so you can manage your portfolio and incoming leads from our dashboard.

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Website Development

  • A strong website is a core need by any Real Estate business, for the process of lead-generation and proper portfolio management. But developing a custom website quickly becomes extremely complex. This is why we have developed all kinds of tools to facilitate the work of your developers.
  • We will guide you in the development of a full-service Real Estate Website for your business, completely free of cost. Your website will use OpenBroker's cutting-edge CRM / MLS technology as its back-end support. Depending on how sophisticated you want your website to be, developers can charge you, anywhere between 1,000 to € 6,000 for this service.

Real Estate CRM, Marketplace + b2b Multi-listings service (MLS).

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OpenBroker acts as a Real Estate CRM, as well as a business-to-business marketplace offering hundreds of listings for sale or for rent to Real Estate professionals. Whether you are seeking to earn a commission on your client's property, to display your portfolio to your Clients, or other Real Estate agents, OpenBroker offers a fast, easy, reliable and intuitive service. We only allow agents to upload listings that explicitly specify the commission that a co-agent will earn on the deal. We provide both real estate publishing software and a b2b MLS / CRM software.

Full CRM Capabilities
Manage all of your contacts and clients needs. Send Window cards directly to your clients, commission agreements to other brokers on our platform, create purchase offers, and much more. Easily manage your Real Estate portfolio.
Impressive Ease in Use
Managing your Real Estate portfolio has never been easier. Upload properties directly onto Idealista, or any other portal you may like. We'll grant any integration request or XML feed.
Sales and rental-ready
OpenBroker handles both transaction types, sales and rentals. You can set the commission you're offering or expecting on a deal, to set the expectation on your co-agent for that particular opeartion.
OpenBroker MLS
OpenBroker is paving the way for a cross-country MLS unification. Gain access to more than 15,000 active properties, many of which aren't shared on any other MLS.
Free for Developers
If you're a Real Estate construction company or developer, you will enjoy free access to OpenBroker. Activities within New Developments are strictly surveyed for quality assurance and accuracy.
Multi-listings Service
Upload as many properties as you like and share them amongst your network. Whether you are offering or seeking for a Real Estate opportunity, OpenBroker allows you to publish your interest.
Powerful Websites
We offer real-time website integration via our back-end API, and we'll develop a personalized website just for you. Manage all of your website listings directly on OpenBroker.
Messaging System
Contacting other brokers has never been more straight-forward. Broadcast your portfolio to hundreds of other agents by the click of a button, or visit their profile to contact them separately.

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